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School Visitor Procedure – Raptor System


1) Visitors who wish access to any of our school buildings beyond the office areas must have their government issued identification scanned through the Raptor System. They will be provided with an identification sticker that must be worn while in the building.  Visitors must scan out when leaving the building.
Acceptable identification:
  • Current US Passport
  • Current state driver's license 
  • Current state issued photo identification card 
2) Any visitor that does not have an appropriate identification to scan will not be granted access to the building unless authorized by the principal.
3) Should the raptor system flag any visitor for crimes or identification on the Megan’s Law List, they shall not be granted admission to the building until approved by an administrator. Any person listed on the Megan’s Law Website must be approved by the Superintendent and will be escorted by school personnel at all times, provided they are granted access.