North Star K-12 School Counseling Department Creates an Advisory Council

The K-12 school counselors, in collaboration with Suzie St. Clair, Supervisor of Special Education and Melissa Garman, Director of Data, Curriculum, and Federal Programs, have worked over the past year in preparation for the new Future Ready PA Index (FRPI).  The FRPI is a new platform in which public school districts will be evaluated.  One of the measures being evaluated is College and Career Readiness.  All school districts will be required to report student-level data for the Career Readiness Indicator at the end of grades 5, 8, and 11 that they are making appropriate efforts to educate students about college and career readiness.  As best practice North Star will be implementing activities in all grade levels to better prepare our students.  School districts are required to have a K-12 school counseling plan on file in which career readiness is a component of the plan.  The career component of the K-12 school counseling plan, along with the required evidence of the Career Readiness Indicator as part of the FRPI,  complement one another. 

It is the hope of the K-12 school counselors that creating an advisory council would greatly benefit our process to make sure that we are preparing our students.  Our advisory council will meet twice a year to review our plans and activities for the students.  It is comprised of post-secondary members, community/business members, students, educators/administrators, and parents.  It is also our hope that through this council that we will discover unknown opportunities for our students in order to give them a competitive advantage.